Natural regeneration

Natural regeneration

Photo by Ricky Martin/CIFOR

With vast areas of the planet in need of restoration, all approaches and tools are going to be required to help our landscapes recover. One of the techniques often overlooked is natural regeneration.

There is rapidly growing knowledge about the opportunities of natural regeneration and its environmental and economic benefits, including protecting biodiversity and low-cost way to prevent erosion, store carbon and protect watersheds.

Among the areas that can benefit from natural regeneration are steep slopes and remote areas that are unattractive for agriculture are good candidates. So are areas where remnants of mature forests remain.

CIFOR-ICRAF researchers have studied natural regeneration around the world and have looked into ways it can be applied in different contexts and to different landscapes. By scaling these approaches through innovative collaboration and techniques, natural regeneration alongside tree planting and other techniques can become an important way to restore the planet.

Temasek Foundation supports Nature-based solutions (Nbs) as they protect, restore and manage our natural ecosystem. These solutions also help to reduce carbon emissions, benefit biodiversity and increase resilience of our local communities. When used together with other deep-tech solutions, they will help build future ready societies.


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